Myprotein ‘MY’ rebrand

As a leading sports nutrition brand, Myprotein works hard to inspire people to believe in their personal fitness potential. But it wanted to work even harder to reinforce the power of its products, and ultimately become the brand people want to fuel their ambitions.


What we did

When it comes to product quality and range, Myprotein’s got it covered. But to become the brand people choose to power life, we had to make it part of their story. That’s why we created a rebranding campaign that lets people own the ‘My’ in Myprotein to fuel their fitness. The ‘MY’ campaign not only puts the product in people’s lives, but makes the brand part of their journey.


How it worked

The rebrand gave Myprotein the boost it needed to move from product supplier to a champion of personal ambition. As well as giving the brand more meaning and relevance to people’s lives, the campaign has given it a vibrant new visual language for connecting with its customers. Unsurprisingly, sales have increased and the brand has engaged new audiences across social and digital channels.