Clinique #EvenBetterYou

Clinique Even Better™ actively improves skin with every application, making it the brand’s No. 1 foundation makeup. But the brand wanted to go deeper than skin deep with this campaign, capturing the way the product makes people feel – which meant showing the benefits in a real and human way.


What we did

Clinique’s own research told us that Even Better improves skin every time it’s worn. So we took that insight and built a digital and social campaign around the idea of constantly improving skin. We ran photography and filming studios simultaneously to capture real stories from Super Fans and Influencers – interviewing, filming and photographing them as they shared their experiences of their physical and emotional transformations.


How it worked

Our two-day shoot produced 29 stills, 27 videos for a variety of formats, and hundreds of shots for Clinique to use as extra assets. They were thrilled with the way the campaign played out in the UK and even beyond, with international markets requesting to use it on their channels too.


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Clinique model one
Clinique model one
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